Feridologo's Book


New Approach of Treatment of Wound
Luiz Claudio Candido, MD, MS, PhD
Publishing SENAC-SP, São Paulo - Brazil, 2001
in portuguese

After the creation of the Nucleus Interdisciplinary of Research and Treatment of Wounds and of this homepage www.feridologo.com.br, is born more a project: the book New Approach in the Treatment of Wounds (in portuguese). 

The release will be during IV Brazilian Congress of Estomatherapy and I Brazilian Congress of Dermatology Nursing, that will happen in São Paulo - Brazil, of 22 to 25.10.2001. 

It is an unpublished and including book, that looks for the customer's cure as a whole, because yours “wound” it cannot and it should not be negotiated separately. The idea is cannot “to influence” other professionals showing the importance of the interdisciplinary approach in the treatment of wounds. The book will have presentation of the Prof.Dr. Vera Lúcia Conceição of Gouveia Santos, of the Department Surgical-Clinic Nursing, Coordinator of the Courses of Specialization in Estomatherapy of the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo - Brazil and President of Brasilian Society of Estomatherapy. Another presentation will have Prof. Dr. Werther G. Marchesan, Director of the Center of Burns of the Hospital of the Clinics of Ribeirão Preto and Chieif of the Plastic Surgery Service of the of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto - University of S.Paulo-Brazil. In the focus, specific knowledge showing the current methods and procedures of healing and coverings, as well as to aim alternatives so much efficient as effective and of reach to any segment of the population.

They are also approached basic aspects of the healing physiology and factors that interfere her, showing the controversies in the treatment and reinforcing fundamental aspects to facilitate the cicatrization. 

In the book there are also references as to helping conducts, like Hiperbaric Oxigentherapy, Lasertherapy, Ozonotherapy and Controlled Negative Pressure, that aid the treatment. 

Show the grow of  “Feridologo” -  wound specialists. Are health professionals engaged in research and treatment of wounds, who are concerned with the patient as a whole.

It still presents a “Feridoteca” replete of pertinent bibliographical citations to the argument. It has meticulous introduction telling historical matters, ethical aspects of the treatment and psychological aspects of the carrier of wounds. It finally presents the researches of the Nucleus, its area of performance, projects and proposed of protocols, tracing perspectives for this millennium. The public objective of this book includes the professionals and students of the area of the health that cannot interar-if, to acquire new knowledge and concepts making a reflection and solemnity-analysis on the procedures that are being executed and on its advantages and disadvantages. But he will also be useful to the patients and family, that can be informed about the best treatment form and curiosities.

Feridologo's book


1. What's "Feridologo" 
2. Importance of Interdisciplinary Approach 
3. History of the Treatment of Wound 
 - The Ebers's Papyrus 
 - Hipocrates and the Four Humors of the Organism 
 - The “Surgeon Barbeiro”. The Doctor and the “Cerusico”
- The Hospital - “The House of 
 - Saint Oil Employment - “Olive Oil”
4. Ethics in the Treatment of Wounds 
5. Psychological aspects of the Carrier of Wounds 
 - The Philosophy of the Disease 
 - Psychosomatic Diseases 
6. Operacionalization of the Treatment of Wounds 
7. Documenting the Treatment of 
8. Basic aspects of the Cicatrization 
9. Fisiopathology of the Healing 

10. Healing and Coverings 
 - Physiologic Solution 
 - Associated Ringer the Gauzes of 

     Polymeric Absorbent 
 - Enzymatic Ointment 
 - Sugar 
 - Papain 
 - Albumin 
 - Aloe vera 
 - Elicine (Secretion of the Clam) 
 - Silver Sulfadiazina and Cerio 

 - Linoleic Acid - Essential Fatty     
 - Ricinoleic Acid - Essential Fatty 
 - Non Adherent Gauze 
 - Calcium and Sodium Alginate 
 - Collagen with Alginate 
 - Activated coal and Silver
 - Hydrocolloid 
 - Hydropolimer 
 - Hydrogel 
 - Dermic Regeneration Main
 - Cellulose Acetate
 - Permeable Membrane 
 - Transparent Film 
 - Cutaneous Protecting Periostomy 
 - Growth Factor.

feridologo's book

11. Coadjuvant Proceeding in the Treatment of Wounds 
 - Hyperbaric Oxygentherapy 
 - Lasertherapy 
 - Ozonotherapy 
 - Controlled Negative Pressure 
 - Application of Leech 
12. Alternative treatment 
 - Importance of the Touch 
 - Importance of the Speech 
 - Importance of the Spiritual 
13. Clinical Case
Acute Wounds
 - Traumatic 
 - Burn 
 - Poisonous Animals' Bites and 
 - Surgical Wound, Fasciotomy 
 - Surgical Wound Dehiscence
 - Necrotic Fasciities 
 - Fournier Syndrome 
14. Clinical Case  
Chronic Wounds 
 - Diabetic Ulcers
 - Pressure Ulcer
 - Vasculogenic Lesion  
 - Vegetant Cutaneous 
15. Millennium Perspectives
16. Feridoteca - Library, 
     Bibliographical References 
17. Glossary 
18. Analytic index 
19. Abbreviations, Acronyms and 
Conventional Signs 
20. Appendix:
 - Activities of the Nucleous of 
 - Research and Treatment of 
 - Areas of Performance 
 - Project of Interdisciplinary 
     Multicentric Study 
 - Material and Method and 
     Proposal of Protocol

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