Africa Humanitarian Mission


What it wants that you can make, or dreams that it can it, makes it...
Courage contains genius, power and magic!


by  Luiz Claudio Candido, MD


To be and to be
Do not advance to be and not to be.
We must be and be at the same time... in symbiosis and complicity! To be and to be where it is necessary. We must create "as" to reach the objectives, to invent simple and efficient methods. Solutions for pparently unsurmountable obstacles can be well ahead of us! We have that to be and to be...
L.C. Candido - Africa 2002.





Muhamed e Dr. Candido 




by  Luiz Claudio Candido, MD









Intercomunitarian Mission
in Cuba


Changedding yourself...
Action, mission, revolution,
Transformation, mutation, metamorphosis,
The important one is the feeling!
L.C. Candido - Cuba 2002.

A little of my African experience... The "mathematics" of the life transformed me into self-taught person. It was thus during my graduations, specializations, mestrado, doutorados and in all my professional choices.

In February and March of 2002 I participated of Humanitarian Mission in Africa Occidental person. Trips thus can provoke great transformations in a person, as much in the professional scope as human.

Associating it a fiorentina humanitarian institution, called "Associazione Transafrica Sviluppo", the Nucleus Interdisciplinary of Research and Treatment of the Wound actively participated of all the activities of the mission.

No official economic contribution was not gotten, being all autofinanciada mission. We receive, yes, diplomatical authorizations with free access and permission of the professional exercise during all the period.

Our ways of transport were traction vehicles the four wheels. We break all of Italy and we cross the Mediterranean sea on board a ship. My poor dwelling place (vehicle) was a true hospital/ambulance capable to carry through until small e average surgeries. My physician-surgical formation had offered much security to me!

The number of components of the team according to varied diverse professional persistence of each one. Initially we were 8 people and 4 vehicles, later 12 people and 6 vehicles and of the half for the end 4 people and 3 vehicles. To 10 men and 2 women had participated.

Our team was composed for sanitary engineer, engineer agronomist, social assistant, psychologist, tradutor/interprete, pedagogo, hydraulical, expert technician of the desert, entrepreneurs, mechanic and doctor. To the times, many of these functions were accumulated. I finished officially transforming me into cook-mor, navigator, to assist mechanic and tradutor/intérprete.

Part of our feeding and water came with us of Italy. We slept on the vehicles in adapted tents special on the ceiling. The temperature almost varied of 50 positive degrees of day the 15 negative degrees of night! The heat was dry and bearable.

We cross 5 countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal), we more than cover 8,000 km of much sand and some stretches of rock during almost 2 months. The countries were all of Arab culture and few understood the Frenchman. It imagines to carry through medical visits in Arab!

Our main goal was carried through and developed in the north of Mali, together the nomadic population of the desert, the calls "Tuareg". There we implant 8 hydraulical bombs moved to the solar energy in schools in the way desert it! The artesian wells had been opened previously for the same Fiorentina Association in the project "vita L'Acqua è - Aman iman". There my specific task was to examine all in general the students of these schools and the population. It was enough to know that it had a doctor and the line increased...!

Our type of mobile assistance facilitated the access to the towns most remote, as much those to the edges of the desert as others inside of the desert of the Saara.

As only professional of the area of the health he was always active. Not obstante it has not used high technological resources, ample was, as medical visits, advice and orientation, verbal hidratation and endovenosa assistencial and preventive the work, antibioticoterapia, sutures, treatment of cutaneous wounds, among others. I left some medicines in educational centers and the said "hospitals". I only found medical colleagues in the capitals of the countries and some few "important" cities. 

My concern was in the primary attendance, looking for not to intervene with surplus in the habits and customs of each people and respective regions. It looked for to decide many problems through the proper instruments and artifices that the environment offered to me. For example, I learned to use leves of the Acacia du Senegal to treat some pathologies, also in the treatment of cutaneous wounds.

I verified some antropologics and folclorics aspects for where it passed. In the area of the health I could observe the performance of some "healers"; that during the diagnosis of pathologies and treatment of its patients they valued the holistic boarding. The phitotherapy was very employed. It was common in some tribes who these healers carried through three small bilateral incisions in the superior region of the zigomatic arc, that is, was located between the eyes and the ear. These "cutaneous wounds" were provoked with intention to propitiate that the "evil" or illness "left" the individual. These wounds were kept opened with the introduction of strange bodies, generally small stone, until the cure of the patient.

It was an arduous work, but that in she offered much satisfaction to them! This trip served to close and, because not, to open other wounds.

More of the one than never this experience it accented the necessity of the importance of the work in team and, in the end, all had finished for becoming "Honorary Feridologo ".

I continue to the disposal for any another information or curiosity.


Prof. Dr. Luiz Claudio Candido, MD, Ms, PhD
Responsible of the Nucleus Interdisciplinary of Research and Treatament of the Wound.

It Consults the Feridologo's Book - 2006
Santos - São Paulo - Brazil.